Blacktab by Luvoratory is the best bactericidal method in the market

An integral bactericidal barrier

The only device in the market which uses ultraviolet LED technology to eliminate germs from soles before entering rooms with rigorous hygiene standards. It works as a disinfection barrier against viruses, fungi and bacteria.

This is how the Blacktab works

We present the new Blacktab

More than a revolution

Its innovation, intuitive use and cutting-edge design make you feel you have found something new and surprising. Blacktab captivates in such a way that you will never forget that you entered a room stepping on it. This fact gives your enterprise an enormous prestige. That is why we believe that Blacktab is more than just a technological revolution.

The definitive germicide barrier

It inactivates up to 100% of bacteria. It destroys the DNA of germs using the best technology available in the field of disinfection: UVC LED. An international team of prestigious engineers and designers from Sweden, Germany and Spain have worked together for years on the development of Blacktab.

Absolute control of technology

Pioneer experience

High quality in details

Flawless result

Zero waste

Interest-free financing

  • Maximum flexibility.
  • That nothing prevents you from being at the forefront of security and prevention.


The reliability of BLACKTAB allows us to offer up to 5 years of warranty.

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